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PoE Smart Lighting Smart Conference Room

As the PoE standard continues to advance, the power supplied by a single network port has gradually increased from the initial 15W to the current 90W. The applications and scenarios of PoE are also continuously expanding. Simultaneously, with the progress of technology and an increasing awareness of environmental protection, people's demands for lighting are growing, placing a greater emphasis on conservation, intelligence, and safety. Consequently, the integration of PoE with LED lighting has emerged.

Our PoE lighting system is built on the foundation of the 802.3bt standard, providing a secure, intelligent, and energy-efficient lighting solution through Power over Ethernet technology. It is also compatible with the majority of LED fixtures available in the market, catering to various lighting needs in different settings such as commercial buildings, restaurants, hotels, and more. 

Compared to various smart devices in the current market, the PoE lighting system stands out for its notable features of safety and stability. Since all LED devices are driven by low voltage PoE (less than 56V), professional electricians are not required for installation. Users can even touch PoE fixtures inadvertently without the risk of electric shock. Furthermore, PoE, based on wired technology, offers a more stable and faster network connection compared to wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, ensuring data security.